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Club Responds to Hurricane

BonaResponds is on an active mission to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma after they affected those from Texas and Florida.

President of BonaResponds, Yvonne Gehrmann, is on course to help the victims.

Gehrmann has been planning alongside Jim Mahar, Ph.D., BonaResponds coordinator and finance professor, to find ways to help people through this difficult time.

Gehrmann is passionate about helping others who are in need and is constructing a blueprint to help them.

“Right now, we are planning a service trip down to Texas during [Bona’s] spring break,” said Gehrmann, a senior business administration major. “Currently, we have an estimate of 100 alumni, students and faculty coming on the trip, but we want to recruit as many people as we can to help.”

In addition to the service trip, BonaResponds is also committing to fundraisers and donations from alumni. The group partnered up with local firefighters to run a “boot drive” for the victims of the hurricanes. Gehrmann said she was surprised to hear the drive on Sept. 11 was a huge success.

“Through the boot drive we raised $12,000,” said Gehrmann. “That was a number I did not think we could’ve gotten to. The boot drive sites such as Salamanca, Olean, Allegany and Bradford were successful. Both of the candidates who were running for mayor of Olean were also in attendance helping out the students and firemen with raising money.”

Alumni have also pitched in with donations, raising a significant amount of money to help the cause. Gehrmann was contacted by one of St. Bonaventure’s alumni from Texas who donated $8,000. With that money, BonaResponds sent 46 wheelchairs to Texas.

“A consistent amount of income is important to keep giving assistance to the victims,” said Gehrmann. “Also, we need more students, faculty or anyone for that matter to come help and recover from Hurricane Harvey.”

There has been a catastrophic loss of buildings, property and human life in the wake of these storms.

If you would like to donate or help out with BonaResponds visit Visit their blog, to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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