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PR Blog Series: iPads

Another program that Positive Ripples funds is the donation of iPads to people in various areas of the world who otherwise have little to no access to technology or are unfamiliar with how to properly use it. One of the programs currently running is a program that teaches senior citizens in nursing homes how to use technology. In addition, we also send iPads to people in the Bahamas. This past summer in Les Cayes, Haiti, Positive Ripples delivered iPads to students involved in the Haiti Scholarships program. The iPads are being used by the children enrolled in school there and they have been able to utilize many valuable learning resources through the iPads we have been able to provide to them. We know that iPads are not an inexpensive commodity and we work hard to gather the funds and resources to supply these people with the technology they need. We at Positive Ripples are in constant contact with the groups using the iPads and are able to monitor the success students are seeing as a result of technological use. We are currently working on sending 10-15 more iPads to Les Cayes to help more students grow! The use of iPads is important in helping members of these communities receive the training and knowledge they need to obtain a job, education, and overall be successful in today’s society. To help us continue to improve the education and lives of others please donate at:

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