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Hurricane Matthew

PositiveRipples was able to provide hundreds of meals, bought thousands of tools for clean-up and enough material for 90 roofs.

Tout Moun Se Moun

PositiveRipples has been able to invest in 90 women entrepreneurs, who pay back the investment in under 2 years with a rate of 100% payback!

Schooling for Orhpans

PositiveRipples has been able to pay for 48 Orphans due to the Ebola Crisis receive schooling. This program is currently still ongoing in its third year as the Orphans need to receive schooling every year. 

PositiveRipples is gearing up to provide a sustained response to help the rebuilding efforts on Grand Bahamas Island. 

Hurricane Dorian

Wheelchairs in Houston

PositiveRipples has been able to provide over 50 wheelchairs to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Garden Programs

PositiveRipples has been able to fund a program to teach the trade of farming and gardening allowing for the students to feed those around them and make some excess money for more to learn the same.

Schools in Myraid

PositiveRipples has paid for several different parts of schools. We have paid for salaries, libraries, new walls, school supplies, food, hygiene products and new trees on the school properties.

Agriculture Farms

PositiveRipples has been able to help rice farmers get back on their feet by providing them with a loan after they lost everything due to Hurricane Matthew. After being repaid, the money is then reinvested into more farmers.

Deepwater Wells

PositiveRipples has been able to provide enough funds to cover half of the cost to a deepwater well in Haiti. This has provided jobs for locals and also provided safe water to a community that didn't have it before.



PositiveRipples works with HaitiScholarships to make donations for school supplies.


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