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About us

Positive Ripples is a mindset, it is the premise that one good deed can start a chain reaction. Positive Ripples is a joint effort of several St. Bonaventure University clubs and groups including; BonaResponds, HaitiScholarships, BonaSimm, the Biology Department and Enactus at SBU.


Positive Ripples was created with the idea to make the world a better place by starting ripples of hope, knowledge and kindness around the globe. We started our efforts in the United States, Haiti, and Uganda several years ago. Through Positive Ripples we are able to collect donations for projects we hope to participate in. We also started online tutoring sessions, and online teaching trainings. We are giving all students internet access and penpal programs and have started a micro-finance and business education program. 

So please help us start more positive ripples, we are always looking for eager new volunteers, ideas, or donations of any kind. With your help we can make the world a better place, a donation could lift people of poverty and their lives would be forever changed. 

Visit our Who We Are page to learn more about us

Visit our Board of Directors pages to learn about our leaders

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