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Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Following the destruction to The Bahamas Islands in August 2019, PositiveRipples was prepared to provide assistance to people of The Bahamas while they rebuild their homes and businesses. Working with BonaResponds and ENACTUS (formerly SIFE), we plan to work with the people of The Bahamas for the next several years in a multifaceted approach.

We have already made two trips to Grand Bahamas Island, establish tool libraries, and worked with schools to get students back into the classroom. 

This page will continue to be updated with our activities.​ Unfortunately, it does not look like we will be able to get back to the island in the next year due to Coronavirus, however, we are still working with our partners to build sustainable systems to facilitate education and rebuilding of the island's economy.

To support our relief efforts, please donate here.

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