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With your help we can make an even greater impact...

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Please specify under the comment section of your donation which project you would wish to benefit. Or if you would like to donate to the Positive Ripples Organization and let us determine the greatest current need this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for you generous donation. 

Your contribution to Positive Ripples will reach far beyond its initial point of impact. It will continue to flow outward and continue to touch the lives of those who are in need. It is through your generosity that Positive Ripples is capable of having the ever lasing impact it has in the past years. For this we wish to thank you and wish you the best.

Positive Ripples Team

St. Bonaventure, NY

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Our Current Projects

Tree planting in SL.PNG

Tree Planting

Water well.PNG

Access to Water

T shirts for microloan fundraising.PNG


Building school in Sierra Leone.PNG


Image by Bill Oxford

Medical Assistance

Painting masks in Haiti.PNG

Reliable COVID-19 Information in Haiti

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