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Positive Ripples is a mindset, it is the premise that one good deed can start a chain reaction. Together with the aid of BonaResponds, HaitiScholarships, BonaSimm, and Enactus SBU we are able to carry out our work here at Positive Ripples. It is also through the help of countless donors and volunteers that we are able to keep our mission alive and flowing out to all who need us. 


Students in Money Management (SIMM)

An experiential learning program of St.Bonaventure University in which students manage a real investment portfolio worth over $500,000.

SIMM donates the majority of its earnings. 1/3 goes to charity, 1/3 goes back to the school, and 1/3 goes back into the fund.


Volunteer Organization

BonaResponds was formed in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina, its purpose is to help others through volunteer efforts.

Haiti Scholarships

Nonprofit Organization

Giving more Haitians the opportunity to get a formal education. Fundraising efforts around the world (online and in person) and then the money goes to get Haitians into school in Haiti. This increases teacher jobs, improves education, and allows students who would have no chance to afford school to go.

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