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November Newsletter

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed many hearts and homes, and with us over Spring Break (February 23rd - March 3rd) you can help make a difference. In a truly Franciscan tradition, the trip, like all BR projects, is open to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. We especially need faculty/staff who can help serve as drivers and could leave a few days early with supplies. The plan is to fly in to Houston, TX (Hobby airport if possible) and then get to work! We will pick you up and house you and feed you. All you need to do is buy a plane ticket! The majority of our work will take place around the Dickinson area, a small town South of Houston with a population of about 20,000. Almost 8,000 homes were flooded, so there is much to do!

If you're interested in joining us:

1. $50 deposit due 12/1/17 (checks made out to BonaResponds) 2. Purchase a round-trip plane ticket flying into Hobby airport for Friday, February 23rd to Saturday, March 3rd, or however long you are available. *or let us know if you're able to drive supplies down! 3. Start Packing!

Alumni please take a moment to read this letter:

On the day of action during President DePerro's inauguration week, we made 55 warm snuggly blankets in just one hour! Most blankets go to The Pink Pumpkin Project, Mercy Hospital and Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY, and bring much needed comfort and hope to patients fighting cancer.

Make a difference where you are and join us on weekends! (times posted on our website,, and the BonaResponds Facebook page) This semester, we have done a variety of local jobs including numerous wheelchair ramps, clean-ups, and painting. We are constantly reminded that often just a little help is needed to make the road much better for those who have experienced a setback.

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