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We are nothing without our donors

Positive Ripples helps to build futures for the world's most vulnerable children. Without YOUR help, none of this would be possible. By clicking the button above you can become one of those donors.

Ukraine Relief through PositiveRipples to help refugees.
We are working primarily with The Friends of Moldova.   They are helping in Moldova (The poorest European country and one that shares a border with Ukraine and is housing an estimated 100,000 people and growing, all in a country with only 4 million people.  We can help.  You can help!  

Our Mission

Like a stone thrown into a pond, a single good deed can lead to many other good events.  We call this a positive ripple.  


An education can set the student off on a totally different life trajectory.  


A micro loan can lift a whole family out of extreme poverty.  in turn, the family with a chance can now improve a neighborhood, a country, and the whole world.


PositiveRipples aims to provide the impetus for these positive ripples through micro loans, scholarships, support for education, and working along side those we are helping near and far.

Your donations and investments CAN and WILL make a difference.

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We Appreciate Your Donations

PositiveRipples is happy to be the distribution outlet for BonaResponds!  We will care for your donation. When you make a gift to PositiveRipples, you’ll join us in our mission to fight for the development of all children  It will be used to its fullest!  From all of the recipients, we thank you! We are a 501c3 with EIN # 47-4880953 

Can't Donate Today?

PositiveRipples is the location for all donations given to BonaReponds and its affiliates. If you cannot donate today please feel free to stay updated with our frequent activities on social or even join in on our service projects! 

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