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Coronavirus Caretaker Support Campaign

In conjunction with BonaResponds and Dr. Xiaoning Zhang, a St. Bonaventure University biology professor, PositiveRipples collected money to provide protective equipment to medical personal helping fight the Coronavirus outbreak. Initially, our efforts were to provide personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in Wuhan, China, however, once the virus reached the United States we expanded our efforts. Working with Jim's Park and Shop in Olean and BonaResponds, we offered kits for local residents to make their own masks. Additionally, we've helped fund the purchase of ​3D printers and the plastic filament needed to produce face shields for front line workers. We are continuously monitoring the outbreak and are standing by to help in any way possible to provide support to the healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19!

Check out for more information on the original work.

Please donate at the link above! Thank you for your continued support!

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